Tottel sig. Kiiiiv

[sig. Kiiiiv]

Yet I professe it willingly To serue and suffer paciently. (25) Yea though fortune her pleasant face Should shew, to set me vp a loft: And straight, my wealth for to deface, Should writhe away, as she doth oft: Yet would I still my selfe apply (30) To serue and suffer paciently. There is no grief, no smart, no wo: That yet I feele, or after shall: That from this minde may make me go, And what so euer me befal: (35) I do professe it willingly To serue and suffer paciently.

The louer suspected bla-
meth yll tonges. +

M Ystrustfull mindes be moued To haue me in suspect. The troth it shalbe proued: Which time shall once detect. +(5) Though falshed go about Of crime me to accuse: At length I do not dout, But truth shall me excuse. Such sawce, as they haue serued +(10) To me without desart: Euen as they haue deserued: Therof God send them part.

The louer complaineth and his
ladie comforteth. +

Louer. I T burneth yet, alas my hartes desire. Ladye. What is the thing, that hath inflamde thy hert? Louer. A certain point, as feruent, as the fire. Ladye. The heate shall cease, if that thou wilt conuert. (5) Louer. I cannot stop the feruent raging yre.