Tottel sig. Iiiir

[sig. Iiiir]

The louer excuseth him of wordes
wherwith he was vniustly
charged. +

P Erdy I sayd it not: Nor neuer thought to do. As well as I ye wot: I haue no power therto, (5) And if I did, the lot, That first did me enchayne: May neuer slake the knot, +But strayght it to my payne.And if I did ech thing, (10) That may do harme or wo; Continually may wring My hart where so I go. Report may alwayes ring Of shame on me for aye: +(15) If in my hart did spring The wordes that you do say And if I did ech starre, That is in heauen aboue, +May frowne on me to marre (20) The hope I haue in loue. +And if I did such warre, As they brought vnto Troye, Bring all my life as farre From all his lust and ioye. (25) And if I did so say: The beautie that me bounde, Encrease from day to day More cruel to my wounde: With al the mone that may, (30) To plaint may turne my song: My life may sone decay, Without redresse by wrong. If I be cleare from thought, Why do you then complayne? (35) Then is this thing but sought. To turne my hart to payne,