Tottel sig. Iiiiiv

[sig. Iiiiiv]

(5) If any other loke for it, as you trow, Their vaine weake hope doth greatly them abuse. And that thus I disdaine, that you refuse. It was once mine, it can no more be so. If you it chase, that it in you can finde, (10) In this exile, no maner of comfort: Nor liue alone, nor where he is calde, resort,He may wander from his naturall kinde. +So shall it be great hurt vnto vs twayne, And yours the losse, and mine the deadly payne. +

The louers life compared to
the Alpes. +

L Yke vnto these vnmesurable mountaines, So is my painefull life, the burden of yre. For hye be they, and hye is my desire. And I of teares, and they be full of fountaines. +(5) Under craggy rockes they haue barren plaines, Hard thoughtes in me my wofull minde doth tire, +Small frute and many leaues their toppes do attire, With small effect great trust in me remaines. The boystous windes oft their hie boughes do blast: (10) Hote sighes in me continually be shed. wilde beastes in them, fierce loue in me is fed. Unmoueable am I: and they stedfast. Of singing birdes they haue the tune and note: And I alwaies plaintes passing through my throte.

Charging of his loue as vnpetious
and louing other. +

I F amorous fayth, or if an hart vnfained+A swete languor, a great louely desire: If honest will, kindled in gentle fire: If long errour in a blind mase chained, (5) If in my visage ech thought distained: +Or if my sparkelyng voice, + lower, or hier,