Tottel sig. Iiiiir

[sig. Iiiiir]

E Uer my hap is slack and slowe in comming Desire encreasyng ay my hope vncertaine: With doubtful loue that but increaseth pain For Tigre like so swift it is in parting. (5) Alas the snow black shal it be and scalding, The sea waterles, and fishe vpon the mountaine: The Temis shal back retourne into his fountaine: And wher he rose the sunne shal take his lodging. Ere I in this finde peace or quietnesse. +(10) Or that loue or my lady rightwiselyLeaue to conspire against me wrongfully. And if I haue after such bitternesse, One drop of swete, my mouth is out of taste: That al my trust and trauell is but waste.

Of loue, fortune, and the
louers minde. +

L Oue, Fortune, and my minde which do remember Eke that is now, and that that once hath bene: Torment my hart so sore that very often I hate and enuy them beyonde al measure. (5) Loue sleeth my hart while Fortune his depriuer Of all my comfort: the folishe minde than: Burneth and plainth: as one that very sildam. Liueth in rest. So styl in displeasureMy pleasant daies they flete away and passe. (10) And dayly doth myne yll change to the worse. while more then halfe is runne now of my course. +Alas not of stele, but of brittle glasse, +I se that from my hand falleth my trust: And all my thoughtes are dasshed into dust.

The louer praieth his offred
hart to be receiued. +

H Ow oft haue I, my deare and cruel fo: With my great pain to get som peace or truce, Geuen you my hart; but you do not vse, In so hie thinges, to cast your minde so low,