Tottel sig. Hiv

[sig. Hiv]

The louer compareth his
hart to the ouercharged
gonne. +

T He furious goonne, in his most raging yre. +When that the boule is rammed into sore: And that the flame cannot part from the fire, +Crackes in sunder: and in the ayer do rore (5) The sheuered peces. So doth my desire, Whose flame encreaseth ay from more to more. Which to let out, I dare not loke, nor speake: So inward force my hart doth all to breake.

The louer suspected of change
praieth that it be not be-
leued against him. +

A Ccused though I be, without desert: Sith none can proue, beleue it not for true. For neuer yet, since that you had my hert, Intended I to false, or be vntrue. +(5) Sooner I would of death sustayn the smart, Than breake one word of that I promised you. Accept therfore my seruice in good part. None is alyue, that can yll tonges eschew. Hold them as false: and let not vs depart(10) Our frendship old, in hope of any new. Put not thy trust in such as vse to fayn, Except thou minde to put thy frend to payn.

The louer abused re-
nownseth loue. +

M Y loue to skorne, my seruice to retayne, Therin (me thought) you vsed crueltie.