Tottel sig. Hiiv

[sig. Hiiv]

(10) She semes to haue bene bred: And of the Tigre long Bene nourished, and fed. +Yet shall that nature change, If pitie once win place. (15) Whom as vnknowen, and strange, She now away doth chase. And as the water soft, Without forcing or strength, where that it falleth oft, (20) Hard stones doth perse at length: So in her stony hart My plaintes at last shal graue, And, rygour set apart, Winne graunt of that I craue. (25) Wherfore my plaintes, present Stil so to her my sute, As ye, through her assent, May bring to me some frute. And as she shall me proue, (30) So bid her me regarde, And render loue for loue: Which is a iust reward.

The louers case can not be
hidden how euer he
dissemble. +

Y Our lokes so often cast, Your eyes so frendly rolde, Your sight fixed so fast, Alwaies one to behold. (5) Though hyde it fayn ye would: It plainly doth declare, Who hath your hart in hold, And where good will ye bare, Fayn would ye finde a cloke (10) Your brennyng fire to hyde: Yet both the flame, and smoke Breakes out on euery syde.