Tottel sig. Hiir

[sig. Hiir]

Since with good will I lost my libertie, Might neuer wo yet cause me to refrain,(5) But onely this, which is extremitie, To geue me nought (alas) nor to agree, That as I was, your man I might remain. But since that thus ye list to order me, That would haue bene your seruant true & fast: (10) Displease you not: my doting time is past. And with my losse to leaue I must agree. For as there is a certain time to rage: So is there time such madnes to aswage.

The louer professeth
himself con-
stant. +

W Ithin my brest I neuer thought it gain, Of gentle mindes the fredom for to loseNor in my hart sanck neuer such disdain, To be a forger, faultes for to disclose. (5) Nor I can not endure the truth to glose, +To set a glosse vpon an earnest pain. Nor I am not in nomber one of those, That list to blow retrete to euery train,

The louer sendeth his com-
plaintes and teares to sue
for grace. +

P Asse forth my wonted cries, Those cruel cares to pearce, which in most hatefull wyseDoe stil my plaintes reuerse. (5) Doe you, my teares, also So wet her barrein hart: That pitie there may grow, And crueltie depart. For though hard rockes among