Tottel sig. Hiiiir

[sig. Hiiiir]

I dye, though not incontinent, By processe yet consumingly As waste of fire, which doth relent. (25) If you as wilfull will deny. wherfore cease of such cruelty: And take me wholy in your grace: Which lacketh will to change his place.

The louer waileth his
changed ioyes. +

I F euery man might him auauntOf fortunes friendly chere: It was my selfe I must it graunt, For I haue bought it dere. (5) And derely haue I held also The glory of her name: In yelding her such tribute, lo. As did set forth her fame. Sometime I stoode so in her grace: (10) That as I would require, Ech ioy I thought did me embrace. That furdered my desire. And all those pleasures (lo) had I, That fansy might support: (15) And nothing, she did me deny, That was vnto my comfort. I had (what would you more perde?) Ech grace that I did craue. Thus fortunes will was vnto me (20) All thing that I would haue. But all to rathe alas the while, She built on such a ground: In litle space, to great a guile In her now haue I found. (25) For she hath turned so her whele: That I vnhappy man May waile the time that I dede feleWherwith she fed me than. For broken now are her behestes: (30) And plesant lookes she gaue: