Tottel sig. Giv

[sig. Giv]

wiates complaint vpon Loue,
to Reason: with Loues
answere. +

M Ine old dere enmy, my froward maister, +A fore that Quene, I causde to be acited, Which holdeth the diuine part of our nature, That, like as golde, in fire he mought be tried. (5) Charged with dolour, there I me presented With horrible feare, as one that greatly dredeth A wrongfull death, and iustice alway seketh And thus I sayd: Once my left foote, + Madame, When I was yong, I set within his reigne: (10) Wherby other then firely burning flame I neuer felt, but many a greuous pain. Torment I suffred, angre, and disdain: That mine oppressed pacience was past, And I mine own life hated, at the last. (15) Thus hitherto haue I my time passed In pain and smart. What waies profitable: How many pleasant daies haue me escaped, In seruing this false lyer so deceauable? what wit haue wordes so prest and forceable, (20) That may contain my great mishappynesse, And iust complaintes of his vngentlenesse? So small hony, much aloes, and gall, In bitternesse, my blinde life hath ytasted. His false semblance, that turneth as a ball: +(25) With faire and amorous daunce, made me be traced, And, where I had my thought, and minde araced, +From earthly frailnesse, and from vain pleasure, Me from my rest he toke, and set in errour: God made he me regard lesse, than I ought, (30) And to my self to take right litle hede: And for a woman haue I set at nought All other thoughtes: in this onely to spede. And he was onely counseler of this dede: whetting alwaies my youthly fraile desire (35) On cruell whetston, tempered with fire. But (Oh alas) where, had I euer wit?