Tottel sig. Gir

[sig. Gir]

(15) Let not this song from thee astart, Welcome among my pleasant smart.

The louer to his bed, with
describing of his vnqui-
et state. +

T He restfull place, renewer of my smart: The labours salue, encreasing my sorow: The bodies case, and troubler of my hart: Quieter of minde, mine vnquiet so: (5) Forgetter of paine, remembrer of my wo: The place of slepe, wherin I do but wake: Besprent with teares, my bed, I thee forsake. +The frosty snowes may not redresse my heat: Nor heat of sunne abate my feruent cold. (10) I know nothing to ease my paines so great. Eche cure causeth encrease by twenty fold. Renewing cares vpon my sorowes old. Such ouerthwart effectes in me they make. Besprent with teares my bed for to forsake. (15) But all for nought: I finde no better ease In bed, or out. This most causeth my paine: Where I do seke how best that I may please, My lost labour (alas) is all in vaine. My hart once set, I can not it refraine. (20) No place from me my griefe away can take. Wherfore with teares, my bed I thee forsake.

Comparison of loue to a streame
falling from the Alpes. +

F Rom these hie hilles as when a spring doth fall, It trilleth downe with still and suttle course, Of this and that it gathers ay and shall, Till it haue iust down flowed to streame and force:(5) Then at the foote it rageth ouer all. So fareth loue, when he hath tane a sourse. Rage is his raine. + Resistance vaileth none. The first eschue is remedy alone. +