Tottel sig. Giiv

[sig. Giiv]

That held him euermore in pleasant gaine, +(80) From his desire, that might haue been his pain. Yet therby alone I brought him to some frame: Which now as wretchednes, he doth so blame: And toward honour quickned I his wit: Whereas a daskard els he mought haue sit (85) He knoweth, how great Atride that made Troy freat, And Hanniball , to Rome so troubelous: Whom Homer honored, Achilles that great, And ThaffricaneScipion the famous: And many other, by much honour glorious: (90) Whose fame, and actes did lift them vp aboue: I did let fall in base dishonest loue. And vnto him, though he vnworthy were: I chose the best of many a Milion: That, vnder sunne yet neuer was her pere, (95) Of wisdome, womanhod, and of discrecion: And of my grace I gaue her such a facion, And eke such way I taught her for to teache, That neuer base thought his hart so hye might reache. +Euermore thus to content his maistresse,(100) That was his onely frame of honesty, I stirred him still toward gentlenesse: And causde him to regard fidelity. Pacience I taught him in aduersity. Such vertues learned he in my great schoole: (105) Wherof repenteth now the ignorant foole. These were the same diceites, and bitter gall, That I haue vsed, the torment and the anger: Sweter, then euer did to other fall, Of right good sede yll fruite lo thus I gather. +(110) And so shall he, that the vnkinde doth further. A Serpent nourish I vnder my wing: +And now of nature, ginneth he to sting. And for to tell, at last, my great seruise. From thousand dishonesties haue I him drawen: (115) That, by my meanes, him in no maner wise. Neuer vile pleasure once hath ouerthrowen. where, in his dede, shame hath him alwaies gnawen: Douting report, that should come to her eare: Whom now he blames, her wonted he to feare. (120) What euer he hath of any honest custome: