Tottel sig. Giiiv

[sig. Giiiv]

How may a man in smart(10) Finde matter to reioyce? How may a moorning hart Set foorth a pleasant voyce. Play who so can, that part: Nedes must in me appere: (15) How fortune ouerthwartDoth cause my moorning chere. Perdy there is no man, If he saw neuer sight: That perfitly tell can (20) The nature of the light. +Alas: how should I than, That neuer taste but sowre: But do, as I began, Continually to lowre. (25) But yet perchance some chance May chance to change my tune: And when (Souch) chance doth chance: Then shall I thank fortune. And if I haue (Souch) chance: (30) Perchance ere it be long: For (Souch) a pleasant chance. To sing some pleasant song.

The louer complaineth him-
self forsaken. +

W Here shall I haue, at mine owne wyll. Teares to complain? Where shall I fetSuch sighes? that I may sigh my fill: And then againe my plaintes repete. (5) For, though my plaint shall haue none end: My teares cannot suffise my wo. To mone my harm, haue I no friend, For fortunes friend is mishaps fo. +Comfort (God wot) els haue I none: (10) But in the winde to wast my wordes, +Nought moueth you my deadly mone: But still you turne it into bordes.