Tottel sig. Giiir

[sig. Giiir]

Of her, and me: that holdes he euery whit, But, lo, yet neuer was there nightly fantomeSo farre in errour, as he is from his wit. To plain on vs, he striueth with the bit, +(125) Which may rule him, and do him ease, and pain: And in one hower, make al his grief his gain, But, one thing yet there is, aboue all other: I gaue him winges, wherwith he might vpflieTo honour and fame: and if he would to higher (130) Then mortal thinges, aboue the starry skie: Considering the pleasure, that an eye Might geue in earth, by reason of the loue: what should that be that lasteth still aboue? +And he the same himself hath sayd ere this. (135) But now, forgotten is both that and I, That gaue her him, his onely wealth and blisse. And, at this word, with dedly shreke and cry. Thou gaue her once: quod I, but by and by Thou toke her ayen from me: that wo worth the. (140) Not I but price: + more worth than thou (quod he.) At last: eche other for himself, concluded: I, trembling still: but he, with small reuerence. Lo, thus, as we eche other haue accused: Dere Lady: now we waite thine onely sentence. (145) She smiling, at the whisted audience: It liketh me (quod she) to haue heard your question: But, lenger time doth ask a resolucion.

The louers sorowfull state maketh
him write sorowfull songes, but
(Souche) his loue may
change the same. +

M Aruell no more altho The songes, I sing do mone: For other life then wo, I neuer proued none. (5) And in my hart also, Is grauen with letters depe A thousand sighes and mo: A flood of teares to wepe.