Tottel sig. Fiv

[sig. Fiv]

S Ome fowles + there be that haue so perfit sight, Against the sunne their eies for to defend: And some, because the light doth them offend, Neuer appeare, but in the darke, or night. (5) Other reioyce, to se the fire so bright, And wene to play in it, as they pretend: But find contrary of it, that they intend. Alas, of that sort may I be, by right. For to withstand her loke I am not able: (10) Yet can I not hide me in no dark place: So foloweth me remembrance of that face: That with my teary eyen, swolne, and vnstable, My desteny to behold her doth me lead: And yet I know, I runne into the glead. +

Against his tonge that failed to
vtter his sutes. +

B Ecause I stil kept thee fro lyes, and blame, And to my power alwayes thee honoured, Unkind tongue, to yl hast thou me rendred, For such desert to do me wreke and shame. (5) In nede of succour most when that I am, To aske reward: thou standst like one afraied, Alway most cold: and if one word be said, As in a dreame, vnperfit is the same. And ye salt teares, against my wyll eche nyght, (10) That are with me, when I would be alone: Then are ye gone, when I shold make my mone. And ye so ready sighes, to make me shright, Then are ye slacke, when that ye should outstart, And onely doth my loke declare my hart.

Description of the contra-
rious passions in a
louer. +

I Finde no peace, and all my warre is done: I feare, and hope: I burne, and frese like yse: +