Tottel sig. Fiir

[sig. Fiir]

I flye aloft, yet can I not arise: And nought I haue, and all the world I season. +(5) That lockes not loseth, holdeth me in prison, And holdes me not, yet can I scape no wise: Nor lettes me liue, nor dye, at my deuise, And yet of death it geueth me occasion. Without eye I se, without tong I playne: (10) I wish to perish, yet I aske for helth: I loue another, and I hate my selfe. I fede me in sorow, and laugh in all my paine. Lo, thus displeaseth me both death and life. And my delight is causer of this strife.

The louer compareth his state
to a ship in perilous storme
tossed on the sea. +

M Y galley charged with forgetfulnesse, +Through sharpe seas, in winter nightes doth passe, Twene rocke, and rocke: and eke my fo (alas) That is my lord, + stereth with cruelnesse: (5) And euery houre, a thought in readinesse, As though that death were light, in such a case. An endlesse wind doth teare the saile apaceOf forced sighes, and trusty fearefulnesse. A rayne of teares, a clowde of darke disdaine (10) Haue done the weried coardes great hinderance, Wrethed with errour, and with ignorance. The starres be hidde, that leade me to this payne. Drownde is reason that should be my comfort: And I remayne, dispearing of the port.

Of doutful loue. +

A Uisyng the bright beames of those fayre eyes, Where he abides that mine oft moistes and washeth: +The weried mynde streight from the hart departeth, To rest within his worldly Paradise,