Tottel sig. Fiiir

[sig. Fiiir]

M Adame, withouten many wordes: Once I am sure, you will, or no. And if you will: then leaue your boordes, And vse your wit, and shew it so: (5) For with a beck you shal me call. And if of one, that burns alway, Ye haue pity or ruth at all: Answer him faier with yea, or nay. If it be yea: I shall be faine. +(10) Yf it be nay: frendes, as before. You shall another man obtain: And I mine owne, and yours nomore.

To his loue whom he
had kissed against
her will. +

A Las, Madame, for stealing of a kisse, Haue I so much your minde therin offended? Or haue I done so greuously amisse: That by no meanes it may not be amended? (5) Reuenge you then, the rediest way is this: Another kisse my life it shal haue ended. For, to my mouth the first my hart did suck: The next shal clene out of my brest it pluck. +

Of the Ielous man that loued
the same woman and espied
this other sitting
with her. +

T He wandring gadling, in the summer tide, That findes the Adder with his rechlesse foote Startes not dismaid so sodeinly aside, As iealous despite did, though there were no boote, (5) When that he sawe me sitting by her side, That of my health is very crop, and roote,