Tottel sig. Ffiv

[sig. Ffiv]

I N working well, if trauell you sustain: Into the winde shall lightly passe the paine: But of the dede the glory shall remain, And cause your name with worthy wights to raign. (5) In working wrong, if pleasure you attaine: The pleasure soon shall vade, and voyde, as vaine: But of the deed, throughout the life, the shame Endures, defacing you with fowl defame: And still tormentes the minde, both night and day: (10) Scant length of time the spot can wash away. Flee then ylswading pleasures baits vntrew: And noble vertues fair renown purseew.

Description of Ver-
tue. +

W Hat one art thou, thus in torn weed yclad? Uertue, in price whom auncient sages had. why, poorely rayd? For fading goodes past care. Why doublefaced? I marke ech fortunes fare. (5) This bridle, what? Mindes rages to restrain. Tooles why beare you? I loue to take great pain. Why, winges? I teache aboue the starres to flye. Why tread you death? I onely cannot dye.

Praise of measure-
keping. +

T He auncient time commended, not for nought, The mean: what better thing can ther be sought? In meane, is vertue placed: on either side, Both right, and left, amisse a man shall slide. (5) Icar , with sire hadst thou the mid way flown, Icarian beck by name had no man known. If middle path kept had proud Phaeton , No burning brand this earth had fallne vpon. Ne cruel powr, ne none to soft can raign: (10) That k
epes a mean, the same shall still remain.
Thee, Iulie, once did too much mercy spill: +Thee, Nero stern, rigor extreem did kill. +