Tottel sig. Ffir

[sig. Ffir]

One other kinde of life, Then hitherto I haue: Or els this paine and strife, (40) Will bring me to my graue.

¶Songes written by N. G.

Of the ix. Muses. +

I Mps of king Ioue, and quene Remembrance lo, +The sisters nyne, the poets pleasant feres. Calliope doth stately stile bestow, And worthy praises paintes of princely peres. (5) Clio in solem songes reneweth all day, With present yeres conioyning age bypast. Delitefull talke loues Comicall Thalsy : In fresh grene youth, who doth like laurell last. With voyces Tragicall sowndes Melpomen , (10) And, as with cheins, thallured eare she bindes. Her stringes when Terpsichor doth touche, euen then She toucheth hartes, and raigneth in mens mindes, Fine Erato , whose looke a liuely cherePresents, in dauncing keepes a comely grace. (15) With semely gesture doth Polymnie stere: Whose wordes holle routes of rankes doo rule in place, Uranie, her globes to view all bent, The ninefold heauen obserues with fixed face. The blastes Eutrepe tunes of instrument, (20) With solace sweet hence heauie dumps to chase. Lord Phebus in the mids (whose heauenly sprite These ladies doth enspire) embraceth all. The graces in the Muses weed, delite To lead them forth, that men in maze they fall. +

Musonius the Philosophers
saying. +