Tottel sig. Ffiiv

[sig. Ffiiv]

(10) Doway that choyse, no life, or soon to dye: for all is well.

Of frendship. +

O F all the heauenly giftes, that mortall men commend, What trusty treasure in the world can counteruail a frend? Our helth is soon decayd: goodes, casuall, light, and vain: Broke haue we sene the force of powre, and honour suffer stain. (5) In bodies lust, man doth resemble but base brute: True vertue gets, and keeps a frend, good guide of our pursute: Whose harty zeale with ours accords, in euery case: No terme of time, no space of place, no storme can it deface. When fickle fortune failes, this knot endureth still: (10) Thy kin out of their kinde may swarue, when frends owe the good will. What sweter solace shall befall, than one to finde, Upon whose brest thou mayst repose the secretes of thy minde? He wayleth at thy wo, his teares with thine be shed: With thee doth he all ioyes enioy: so leef a life is led. (15) Behold thy frend, and of thy self the patern see: One soull, a wonder shall it seem, in bodies twain to bee. In absence, present, rich in want, in sicknesse sound, Yea after death aliue, mayst thou by thy sure frend be found. Eche house, eche towne, eche realm by stedfast loue doth stand: (20) Where fowl debate breeds bitter bale, in eche deuided land. O frendship, flowr of flowrs: O liuely sprite of life, O sacred bond of blisfull peace, the stalworth staunch of strife: Scipio with Lelius + didst thou conioyn in care, At home, in warrs, for weal and wo, with egall faith to fare. (25) Gesippus + eke with Tite, Damon with Pythias, +And with Menetus sonneAchill , by thee combined was. Euryalus, and Nisus gaue Uirgil cause to sing: +Of Dylades doo many rimes, and of Orestes ring. +Down Theseus went to hell, Pirith , his frend to finde: +(30) O that the wiues, in these our daies, wer to their mates so kinde. Cicero, the frendly man, to Atticus, his frend, Of frendship wrote: such couples lo doth lot but seldome lend. +Recount thy race, now ronne: how few shalt thou there see, Of whom to say: This same is he, that neuer fayled mee. (35) So rare a iewell then must nedes be holden dere: And as thou wilt esteem thy self, so take thy chosen fere. The tirant, in dispaire, no lacke of gold bewayls.