Tottel sig. Ffiir

[sig. Ffiir]

How could August so many yeres well passe? Nor ouermeek, nor ouerferse he was. +(15) Worship not Ioue with curious fansies vain, Nor him despise: hold right atween these twain. No wastefull wight, no greedy goom is prayzd. Stands largesse iust, in egall balance payzd. So Catoes meal, surmountes Antonius chere, +(20) And better fame his sober fare hath here. To slender building, bad: as bad, to grosse: One, an eyesore, the tother falls to losse. As medcines help, in measure: so (God wot) By ouermuch, the sick their bane haue got. (25) Unmeet mee seems to vtter this, mo wayes: Measure forbids vnmeasurable prayse.

Mans life after Possidonius,
or Crates. +

W Hat path list you to tread? what trade will you assay? The courts of plea, by braul, & bate, driue gentle peace away. In house, for wife, and childe, there is but cark and care: With trauail, and with toyl ynough, in feelds we vse to fare. (5) Upon the seas lieth dreed: the rich in foraine land, Doo fear the losse: and there, the poore, like misers poorely stand: Strife, with a wife, without, your thrift full hard to see: Yong brats, a trouble: none at all, a maym it seems to bee: Youth, fond, age hath no hert, and pincheth all to nye. (10) Choose then the leefer of these twoo, no life, or soon to dye.

Metrodorus minde to the
contrarie. +

W Hat race of life ronne you? what trade will you assay? In courts, is glory got, and wit encreased day by day. At home, wee take our ease, and beak our selues in rest: The feeldes our nature doo refresh with pleasures of the best: (5) On seas, is gayn to get: the straunger, hee shall bee Estemed: hauing much: if not, none knoweth his lack, but hee: A wife will trim thy house: no wyfe? then art thou free. Brood is a louely thing: without, thy life is loose to thee. Yong bloods be strong: old sires in double honour dwell.