Tottel sig. Ffiiir

[sig. Ffiiir]

But, Out I am vndoon (saith he () for all my frendship fails. Wherfore sins nothing is more kindely for our kinde: (40) Next wisdome thus that teacheth vs, loue we the frendful minde.

The death of Zoroas, an Egyp-
tian Astronomer, in the
first fight, that Alex-
ander had with
the Persi-
ans. +

N Ow clattering armes, now ragyng broyls of warre, Gan passe the noyes of dredfull trompets clang: Shrowded with shafts, the heuen: with clowd of darts, Couered the ayre: against full fatted bulls, (5) As forceth kindled yre the Lyons keen: whose greedy gutts the gnawyng honger pricks: So Macedoins against the Persians fare. Now corpses hide the purpurde soyl with blood: Large slaughter, on ech side: but Perses more (10) Moyst feelds be bledd: their harts, and nombers bate. Fainted while they geue back, and fall to flight: The lightening Macedon, by swoords, by gleaus, By bands and trowps, of fotemen with his garde, Speeds to Darie : but him, his nearest kyn, (15) Oxate preserues, + with horsemen on a plumpBefore his carr: that none the charge could geue. Here grunts, here grones, ech where strong youth is spent: Shakyng her bloody hands, Bellone , among The Perses, soweth all kynde of cruel death. (20) with throte ycutt, he roores: he lieth along, His entrails with a lance through girded quite: Him smites the club, him wounds farstrikyng bow, And him the sling, and him the shinyng swoord: Hee dieth, he is all dead, he pants, he rests. (25) Right ouerstood, in snowwhite armour braue,