Tottel sig. Ffiiiir

[sig. Ffiiiir]

A match, more meet, sir king, than any here. The noble prince amoued, takes ruthe vpon (70) The wilfull wight: and with soft wordes, ayen, O monstrous man (quod he) what so thou art, I pray the, lyue: ne do not, with thy death, This lodge of lore, the Muses mansion marr. That treasure house this hand shall neuer spoyl: (75) My sword shall neuer bruse that skilfull braine, Long gatherd heapes of science sone to spyll. O, how faire frutes may you to mortall men From wisdomes garden geue? How many may By you the wiser and the better proue? (80) what error, what mad moode, what phrensy thee Perswades to be downe sent to depe Auerne: Where no arts florish, nor no knowledge vails? For all these sawes, when thus the souerain sayd, Alighted Zoroas: with sword vnsheathed, (85) The careles king there smot, aboue the greue, At thopenyng of his quishes: wounded him So that the blood down reyled on the ground. The Macedon perceiuyng hurt, gan gnash: But yet his minde he bent, in any wise, (90) Him to forbear: set spurs vnto his stede, And turnde away: lest anger of his smart Should cause reuenger hand deale balefull blowes. But of the Macedonian chieftains knights One Meleager, + could not beare this sight: (95) But ran vpon the said Egyptian reuk: And cut him in both knees: he fell to ground: Wherwith a whole rout came of souldiers stern, And all in pieces hewed the silly seg. But happily the soule fled to the starres: (100) Where vnder him, he hath full sight of all, Wherat he gased here, with reaching looke. The Persians wailde such sapience to forgo: The very fone, + the Macedonians wisht. He would haue liued: king Alexander self(105) Demde him a man, vnmete to dye at all: Who won like praise, for conquest of his yre, As for stout men in field that day subdued: Who princes taught, how to discerne a man,