Tottel sig. Eiiiv

[sig. Eiiiv]

The abused louer seeth his folie,
and entendeth to trust
no more. +

W As neuer file + yet half so well yfiled, To file a file for any smithes entent, As I was made a filing instrument, To frame other, while that I was begiled. (5) But reason loe, hath at my foly smiled, And pardoned me, sins that I me repent Of my last yeres, and of my time mispent. For youth led me, and falshod me misguided. Yet, this trust I haue of great apparence: +(10) Sins that disceit is ay returnable, Of very force it is agreable, That therwithall be done the recompence.Then gile begiled playnd should be neuer, And the reward is little trust for euer.

The louer describeth his being
striken with sight of
his loue. +

T He liuely sparkes, that issue from those eyes, Against the which there vaileth no defence, +Haue perst my hart, and done it none offence, With quaking pleasure, more then once or twise. (5) Was neuer man could any thing deuise, Sunne beames to turne with so great vehemence To dase mans sight, as by their bright presence Dased am I, much like vnto the giseOf one striken with dint of lightening, (10) Blinde with the stroke, and crying here and there, So call I for helpe, I not when, nor where, The paine of my fall paciently bearing. For streight after the blase (as is no wonder) Of deadly noyse heare I the fearfull thunder.