Tottel sig. Eiiir

[sig. Eiiir]

The louer for shamefastnesse hideth
his desire within his faith-
full hart. +

T He long loue, that in my thought I harber, And in my hart doth kepe his residence, Into my face preaseth with bold pretence, And there campeth, displaying his banner. (5) She that me learns to loue, and to suffer, And willes that my trust, and lustes negligence. +Be reined by reason, shame, and reuerence, With his hardinesse takes displeasure. Wherwith loue to the hartes forest he fleeth, (10) Leauing his enterprise with paine and crye, And there him hideth and not appeareth. What may I do? when my maister feareth, But in the field with him to liue and dye, For good is the life, ending faithfully.

The louer waxeth wiser, and
will not die for affec-
cion. +

Y Et was I neuer of your loue agreued, Nor neuer shall, while that my life doth last: But of hating my self, that date is past, And teares continuall sore hath me weried. (5) I will not yet in my graue be buried, Nor on my tombe your name haue fixed fast, As cruel cause, that did my sprite sone hast. From thunhappy boones by great sighes stirred, Then if an hart of amorous faith and will (10) Content your minde withouten doing grief: Please it you so to this to do relief, If other wise you seke for to fulfyll Your wrath: you erre, and shall not as you wene.And you your self the cause therof haue bene.