Tottel sig. Eiiiiv

[sig. Eiiiiv]

The louer vnhappy biddeth happy
louers reioice in Maie, while he
waileth that month to him
most vnlucky. +

Y E that in loue finde luck and swete abundance, And liue in lust of ioyfull iolitie, Arise for shame, do way your sluggardy: Arise I say, do May some obseruaunce. +(5) Let me in bed lye, dreaming of mischance. Let me remember my mishappes vnhappy. That me betide in May + most commonly: As one whom loue list little to aduance. +Stephan + said true, that my natiuitie (10) Mischanced was with the ruler + of May. He gest (I proue) of that the veritie. In May my wealth, and eke my wittes, I say, Haue stand so oft in such perplexitie. Ioye: let me dreame of your felicitie.

The louer confesseth him in loue
with Phillis. +

I F waker care: if sodayn pale colour: If many sighes, with litle speche to plaine: Now ioye, now wo: if they my chere distaine: For hope of small, if much to feare therfore, +(5) To haste, or slack: my pace to lesse, or more: Be signe of loue: then do I loue againe. If thou aske whom: sure sins I did refraine Brunet, + that set my welth in such a rore, Thunfayned chere of Phillis + hath the place, (10) That Brunet + had: she hath, and euer shall: She from my self now hath me in her grace: She hath in hand my wit, my will, and al: My hart alone wel worthy she doth stay, Without whose helpe skant do I liue a day.