Tottel sig. Eeiir

[sig. Eeiir]

Where I do watch till leaues do fall, When winde the tree doth shake: (55) Then though my branch be very small, My leafe away I take. And then I go and clap my hands, My hart doth leape for ioy. These bayes do ease me from my bands, (60) That long did me annoy: For when I do behold the same, Which makes so faire a show: I finde therin my maistresse name, And se her vertues grow.

The louer complaineth his harty
loue not requited. +

W Hen Phebus had the serpent slaine, +He claymed Cupides boe: which strife did turne him to great paine, The story well doth proue. (5) For Cupide made him fele much woe, In sekyng Dephnes loue. This Cupide hath a shaft of kinde, Which wounded many a wight: Whose golden hed had power to binde, (10) Ech hart in Uenus bandes. This arrow did on Phebus light, Which came from Cupides handes. An other shaft was wrought in spite, Which headed was with lead: +(15) Whose nature quenched swete delight, That louers most embrace. In Dephnes brest this cruell head, Had found a dwellyng place. But Phebus fonde of his desire, (20) Sought after Dephnes so: He burnt with heat, she felt no fire, +Full fast she fled him fro. He gate but hate for his good will, The gods assigned so.