Tottel sig. Eeiiiir

[sig. Eeiiiir]

R Esigne you dames whom tikelyng brute delight, The golden praise that flatteries tromp doth sownAnd vassels be to her that claims by right, The title iust that first dame beauty found. (5) Whose dainty eyes such sugred baits do hide, As poyson harts where glims of loue do glide. Come eke and see how heauen and nature wrought, Within her face where framed is such ioy: As Priams sonnes in vaine the seas had sought. (10) If halfe such light had had abode in Troy. For as the golden sunne doth darke ech starre, So doth her hue the fayrest dames as farre. Ech heauenly gift, ech grace that nature could, By art or wit my lady lo retaynes: (15) A sacred head, so heapt with heares of gold, As Phebus beames for beauty farre it stayns, A sucred tong, where eke such swetenesse snowes, That well it semes a fountain where it flowes. Two laughyng eyes so linked with pleasyng lokes, (20) As wold entice a tygers hart to serue: The bayt is swete but eager be the hookes, For Dyane sekes her honour to preserue. Thus Arundell sits, throned still with fame, Whom enmies trompe can not attaynt with shame. (25) My dased head so daunted is with heapes, Of giftes diuine that harber in her brest: Her heauenly shape, that lo my verses leaps. And touch but that wherin she clowds the rest. For if I should her graces all recite. (30) Both time should want, and I should wonders write. Her chere so swete, so christall is her eyes, Her mouth so small, her lips to liuely red: Her hand so fine, her wordes so swete and wise, That Pallas semes to soiourne in her hed. (35) Her vertues great her forme as farre excedes, As sunne the shade that mortall creatures leades. Would God that wretched age would spare to race, Her liuely hew that as her graces rare: Be goddesse like, euen so her goddesse face, (40) Might neuer change but still continue faire That eke in after time ech wight may see, How vertue can with beauty beare degree.