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An answer in the behalfe of a woman of an
vncertain aucthor. +

G Irt in my giltles + gowne as I sit here and sow, I see that thinges are not in dede as to the outward show. And who so list to looke and note thinges somewhat nere: Shall finde wher plainesse semes to haunt nothing but craft appere (5) For with indifferent eyes my self can well discerne, How some to guide a ship in stormes seke for to take the sterne. Whose practise if were proued in calme to stere a barge, Assuredly beleue it well it were to great a charge. And some I see againe sit still and say but small, (10) That could do ten times more than they that say they can do all. Whose goodly giftes are such the more they vnderstand, The more they seke to learn and know & take lesse charge in hand. And to declare more plain the time fleetes not so fast: But I can beare full well in minde the song now soung and past. (15) The authour whereof came wrapt in a crafty cloke: With will to force a flaming fire where he could raise no smoke, If power and will had ioynde as it appeareth plaine, The truth nor right had tane no place their vertues had ben vain. So that you may perceiue, and I may safely se, (20) The innocent that giltlesse is, condemned should haue be.

The constant louer la-
menteth +

S Ins fortunes wrath enuieth the wealth. wherein I raigned by the sight: Of that that fed raine eyes by stelth, With sower swete, dread and delight. (5) Let not my griefe moue you to mone, For I will wepe and waile alone. Spite draue me into Borias raigne, +Where hory frostes the frutes do bite, When hilles were spred and euery plaine: (10) With stormy winters mantle white. And yet my dere such was my heate, When others freze then did I sweate. And now though on the sunne I driue, Whose feruent flame all thinges decaies,