Tottel sig. Diir

[sig. Diir]

(15) His beames in brightnesse may not striue, With light of your swete golden rayes, +Nor from my brest this heate remoue, The frosen thoughtes grauen by loue. Ne may the waues of the salt flood, (20) Quenche that your beauty set on fire, For though mine eyes forbeare the foode, That did releue the hot desire. Such as I was such will I be, Your own, what would ye more of me?

A song written by the earle of Sur-
rey by a ladie that refused to
daunce with him. +

E Che beast can chose his fere according to his minde, And eke can shew a frendly chere like to their beastly kinde. A Lion + saw I late as white as any snow, Which semed well to lead the race his port the same did show. (5) Upon the gentle beast to gaze it pleased me, For still me thought he semed wel of noble blood to be, And as he praunced before, still seking for a make, As who wold say there is none here I trow will me forsake. I might perceiue a Wolfe + as white as whales bone, (10) A fairer beast of fresher hue beheld I neuer none. +Saue that her lookes were coy, and froward eke her grace, Unto the which this gentle beast gan him aduance apace. And with a beck full low he bowed at her feete, In humble wise as who would say I am to farre vnmeete. (15) But such a scornefull chere wherewith she him rewarded, Was neuer sene I trow the like to such as well deserued. With that she start aside welnere a foote or twaine, And vnto him thus gan she say with spite and great disdaine. Lion she sayd if thou hadst knowen my minde before, (20) Thou hadst not spent thy trauail thus nor all thy paine forlore. Doway I let thee wete thou shalt not play with me, Go range about where thou maiest finde some meter fere for thee. with that he bet his taile, his eyes began to flame, I might perceiue his noble hart much moued by the same. (25) Yet saw I him refraine and eke his wrath aswage, And vnto her thus gan he say when he was past his rage.