Tottel sig. Diiiv

[sig. Diiiv]

(25) And in those cares so colde I force my selfe a heat, As sick men in their shaking fittes procure them self to sweat, With thoughtes that for the time do much appease my paine, But yet they cause a farther feare and brede my woe againe. Me thinke within my thought I se right plaine appere, (30) My hartes delight my sorowes leche mine earthly goddesse here, With euery sondry grace that I haue sene her haue. Thus I within my wofull brest her picture paint and graue. And in my thought I roll her bewties to and fro, Her laughing chere her louely looke my hart that perced so. (35) Her strangenes when I sued her seruant for to be, And what she said and how she smiled when that she pitied me. Then comes a sodaine feare that riueth all my rest Lest absence cause forgetfulnes to sink with in her brest. For when I think how far this earth doth vs deuide. (40) Alas me semes loue throwes me downe I fele how that I slide, But then I think againe why should I thus mistrust, So swete a wighte so sad and wise that is so true and iust, For loth she was to loue, and wauering is she not. The farther of the more desirde thus louers tie their knot. (45) So in dispaire and hope plonged am I both vp an doune, As is the ship with wind and waue when Neptune list to froune, But as the watery showers delay the raging winde, So doth good hope clene put away dispaire out of my minde. +And biddes me for to serue and suffer paciently, (50) For what wot I the after weale that fortune willes to me. For those that care do know and tasted haue of trouble, When passed is their wofull paine eche ioy shall seme them double. And bitter sendes she now to make me tast the better, The plesant swete when that it comes to make it seme the sweter, (55) And so determine I to serue vntil my breath. Ye rather die a thousand times then once to false my faithe. And if my feble corps through weight of woful smart, Do faile or faint my wyll it is that still she kepe my hart. And when thys carcas here to earth shalbe refarde. (60) I do bequeth my weried ghost to serue her afterwarde. +

The meanes to attain
happy life. +