Tottel sig. Diiiiv

[sig. Diiiiv]

Praise of certaine psalmes
of Dauid, translated by
sir T. w. the elder. +

T He great Macedon, + that out of Persle chased Darius, of whose huge power all Asie rong, +In the rich ark dan Homers rimes he placed, +who fayned gestes of heathen princes song. (5) What holy graue? what worthy sepulture +To Wiattes Psalmes should Christians then + purchase? where he doth paint the liuely faith, and pure, The stedfast hope, the swete returne to grace Of iust Dauid, by perfite penitence. +(10) Where rulers may see in a mirrour clere The bitter frute of false concupiscence: How Iewry bought Urias death + full dere. In princes harts Gods scourge imprinted depe, Ought them awake, out of their sinfull slepe. +

Of the death of the same
sir T. w. +

D Yuers thy death do diuersly bemone. Some, + that in presence of thy liuelyhed +Lurked, whose brestes enuy with hate had swolne, Yeld Ceasars teares vpon Pompeius hed, +(5) Some, that watched with the murdrers knife, With eger thirst to drink thy giltlesse blood, Whose practise brake by happy end of life, With enuious teares to heare thy fame so good. But I, that knew what harbred in that hed: (10) What vertues rare were temperd in that brest: Honour the place, that such a iewell bred, And kisse the ground, whereas thy corse doth rest, +With vapord eyes: from whence such streames auail, +As Pyramus did on Thisbes brest bewail +.

Of the same. +

W Resteth here, that quick could neuer rest: Whose heauenly giftes encreased by disdain,