Tottel sig. Ddiiiv

[sig. Ddiiiv]

A H libertie now haue I learnd to know, By lacking thee what Iewell I possest, When I receiued first from Cupids bow The deadly wound that festreth in my brest. (5) So farre (alas) forth strayed were mine eyes, That I ne might refraine them backe, for lo: They in a moment all earthly thinges despise, In heauenly sight now are they fixed so. What then for me but still with mazed sight, (10) To wonder at that excellence diuine: Where loue (my freedome hauing in despight) Hath made me thrall through errour of mine eyen. For other guerdon hope I not to haue, My foltring toonge so basheth ought to craue.

The diuers and contrarie passi-
ons of the louer. +

H Olding my peace alas how loud I crye, Pressed with hope and dread euen both at ones, Strayned with death, and yet I cannot dye. Burning in flame, quaking for cold that grones, (5) Unto my hope withouten winges I flye. Pressed with dispayre, that breaketh all my bones. +Walking as if I were, and yet am not. Fayning with mirth, most inwardly with mones. Hard by my helpe, vnto my health not nye. (10) Mids of the calme my ship on rocke it rones. I serue vnbound, fast fettred yet I lye. In stede of milke that fede on marble stones, My most will is that I do espye: That workes my ioyes and sorowes both at ones. (15) In contrairs standeth all my losse and gaine: And lo the giltlesse causeth all my paine.

The testament of the haw-
thorne. +

I Sely Haw + whose hope is past, In faithfull true and fixed minde: