Tottel sig. Ddiiiiv

[sig. Ddiiiiv]

(45) Of him that liuing neuer cest To serue the fayrest that euer was, The corps is here, the hart he gaue To her for whom he lieth in graue. And also set about my hersse, (50) Two lampes to burne and not to queint, Which shalbe token, and rehersse That my good will was neuer spent. When that my corps was layd alow, My spirit did sweare to serue no mo. (55) And if you want of ringing bels, When that my corps goth into graue: Repete her name and nothing els, To whom that I was bonden slaue. When that my life it shall vnframe, (60) My sprite shall ioy to heare her name. With dolefull note and piteous sound, Wherwith my hart did cleaue in twaine: With such a song lay me in ground, My sprite let it with her remayne, (65) That had the body to commend: Till death therof did make an end. And euen with my last bequest, When I shall from this life depart: I geue to her I loued best, (70) My iust my true and faithfull hart, Signed with the hand as cold as stone: Of him that liuing was her owne. And if he here might liue agayne, As Phenix made by death anew: (75) Of this she may assure her plaine, That he will still be iust and trew. Thus farewell she on liue my owne. And send her ioy when I am gone.

The louer in dispeire lamen-
teth his case. +

A Dieu desert, how art thou spent? Ah dropping teares how do ye washe? +Ah scalding sighes, how be ye spent?