Tottel sig. Ddiiiir

[sig. Ddiiiir]

To her whom that I serued last, Haue all my ioyefulnes resignde, (5) Because I know assuredly, My dying day aprocheth nye. Dispaired hart the carefull nest, Of all the sighes I kept in store: Conuey my carefull corps to rest, (10) That leaues his ioy for euermore. And when the day of hope is past, Geue vp thy sprite and sigh the last. But or that we depart in twaine, Tell her I loued with all my might: (15) That though the corps in clay remaine, Consumed to asshes pale and white. And though the vitall powres do ceasse, The sprite shall loue her natrelesse. +And pray my liues lady dere, (20) During this litle time and space, That I haue to abiden here, Not to withdraw her wonted grace, In recompensing of the paine, That I shall haue to part in twaine. (25) And that at least she will withsaue, To graunt my iust and last request: When that she shall behold his graue, That lyeth of lyfe here dispossest, In record that I once was hers, (30) To bathe the frosen stone with teares. The seruice tree + here do I make, For mine executour and my frende: That liuing did not me forsake, Nor will I trust vnto my ende, (35) To see my body well conueyde, In ground where that it shalbe layde. Tombed vnderneth a goodly Oke, With Iuy grene that fast is bound: There this my graue I haue bespeke, (40) For there my ladies name do sound: Beset euen as my testament tels: With oken leaues and nothing els, Grauen wheron shalbe exprest, Here lyeth the body in this place,