Tottel sig. Cir

[sig. Cir]

For in my life I neuer sawe a man so full of wo. With teares, for his redresse, I rashly to him ran. And in my armes I caught him fast, and thus I spake him than. What woful wight art thou, that in such heauy case (30) Tormentes thy selfe with such despite, here in this desert place? Wherwith, as al agast, fulfild with ire, and dred, He cast on me a staring loke, with colour pale, and ded. Nay, what art thou (quod he) that in this heauy plight, Doest find me here, most wofull wretch, that life hath in despighte(35) I am (quoth I) but poore, and simple in degre: A shepardes charge I haue in hand, vnworthy though I be. With that he gaue a sighe, as though the skie shold fall: And lowd (alas) he shriked oft, and Shepard gan he call, Come, hie the fast at ones, and print it in thy hart: (40) So thou shalt know, and I shall tell the, giltlesse how I smart. His back against the tree, + sore febled al with faint, +With weary sprite he stretcht him vp: and thus he told his plaint. Ones in my hart (quoth he) it chaunced me to loue Such one, in whom hath nature wrought, her cunning for to proue. (45) And sure I can not say, but many yeres were spent, with such good will so recompenst, as both we were content Wherto then I me bound, and she likewise also, The sunne should runne his course awry, ere we this faith forgo. +who ioied then, but I: who had this worldes blisse? (50) Who might compare a life to mine, that neuer thought on this? But dwelling in this truth, amid my greatest ioy, Is me befallen a greater losse, then Priam had of Troy. She is reuersed clene, and beareth me in hand, That my deserts haue geuen her cause to breke this faithful band. (55) And for my iust excuse auaileth no defence, Now knowest thou all: I can no more, but shepheard hie the hence And geue him leaue to dye, that may no lenger liue: Whose record lo I claime to haue, my death, I do forgeue. And eke when I am gone, be bolde to speake it plaine: (60) Thou hast seen dye the truest man, that euer loue did paine. Wherwith he turned him round, and gaspyng oft for breath, Into his armes a tree he raught, and sai
d welcome my death:
welcome a thousand folde, now dearer vnto me, Than should without her loue to liue, an emperour to be. (65) Thus, in this wofull state, he yelded vp the ghost: And little knoweth his lady, what a louer she hath lost. Whose death when I beheld, no maruail was it, right