Tottel sig. Ciiiv

[sig. Ciiiv]

The forsakeu louer describeth
and forsaketh loue. +

O Lothsome place where I Haue sene and hard my dere when in my hart her eye Hath made her thought appere (5) By glimsing with such grace As fortune it ne would, That lasten any space Betwene vs lenger should. As fortune did auance, (10) To further my desire: Euen so hath fortunes chaunce Throwen all amiddes the mire. And that I haue deserued with true and faithful hart, (15) Is to his handes reserued That neuer felt the smart. But happy is that man, That scaped hath the griefe That loue well teache him can (20) By wanting his reliefe. A scourge to quiet mindes It is, who taketh hede. A common plage that bindes, A trauell without mede. (25) This gift it hath also, who so enioies it most, A thousand troubles grow To vexe his weried ghost. And last it may not long (30) The truest thing of all And sure the greatest wrong That is within this thrall. But sins thou desert place Canst geue me no accompt(35) Of my desired grace That I so haue was wont Farewell thou hast me taught