Tottel sig. Ciiir

[sig. Ciiir]

(20) Your self to me to yeld. For I will vse my power, As captaine full of might, And such I will deuour, As vse to shew me spight. (25) And for because you gaue Me chek in your degre, This vantage loe I haue, Now checke, and gard: to the, Defend it, if thou may, (30) Stand stiffe, in thine estate, For sure I will assay, If I can giue the mate.

A warning to the louer how
he is abused by
his loue. +

T O derely had I bought my grene and youthfull yeres, If in mine age I could not finde when craft for loue apperes. And seldome though I come in court among the rest. Yet can I iudge in colours dim as depe as can the best. (5) Where griefe torments the man that suffreth secret smart, To breake it forth vnto some frende it easeth well the hart, So standes it now with me for my beleued frinde. Thie case is thine for whom I fele such torment of my minde. And for thy sake I burne so in my secret brest (10) That till thou know my whole disease my hart can haue no rest, I se how thine abuse hath wrested so thy wittes, That all it yeldes to thy desire, and folowes the by fittes. Where thou hast loued so long with hart and all thy power, I se thee fedde with fained wordes, thy fredome to deuower. (15) I know,(though she say nay, and would it well withstand) When in her grace thou heldest the most, she bare the but in hand,I se her pleasant chere in chiefest of thy suite, When thou art gone, I se him come that gathers vp the fruite. And eke in thy respect I se the base degre (20) Of him to whom she gaue the hart that promised was to the, I se what would you more) stode neuer man so sure On womans word but wisedome would mistrust it to endure.