Tottel sig. Ciiiiv

[sig. Ciiiiv]

(5) Yet were my fancy strange, And witfull will to wite, If I sought now to change A falkon for a kite. All men might well disprayse (10) My wit and enterprise, If I estemed a peseAboue a perle in prise: Or iudged the owle in sight The sparehauke to excell, (15) which flieth but in the night, As all men know right well. Or if I sought to sayle Into the brittle port, Where ankerhold doth faile, (20) To such as do resort. And leaue the hauen sure, Where blowes no blusteryng winde, Nor fickelnesse in vreSo farforth as I finde. (25) No, thinke me not so light, Nor of so churlish kinde, Though it lay in my might My bondage to vnbinde. That I would leue the hinde(30) To hunt the ganders fo. +No no I haue no minde To make exchanges so: Nor yet to change at all, For think it may not be (35) That I should seke to fall From my felicitie, Desirous for to win, And loth for to forgo, Or new change to begin: (40) How may all this be so? The fire it can not frese: For it is not his kinde, Nor true loue can not leseThe constance of the minde. (45) Yet as sone shall the fire, Want heat to blase and burn, +