Tottel sig. Cciiiiv

[sig. Cciiiiv]

(15) Is ground of greater grefe that growes theron, Unhappy I am vnlesse I finde relesse. No ioy haue I: for fortune frowardly: Hath bent her browes hath put her hand to cruelnesse: Hath rest my dame, constrayned me to crye, (20) Unhappy I am vnlesse I finde relesse.

Of the golden meane. +

T He wisest way, thy bote, in waue and winde to guie, Is neither still the trade of middle streame to trie: Ne (warely shunnyng wrecke by wether) aye to me, To presse vpon the perillous shore, (5) Both clenely flees he silthe: ne wonnes a wretched wight. In carlish coate: and carefull court are thrall to spite, With port of proud astate he leues: who doth delight, Of golden meane to hold the lore. Stormes rifest rende the sturdy stout pineapple tre. (10) Of lofty ruing towers the fals the feller be. Most fers doth lightenyng light, where furthest we do se. The hilles the valey to forsake. +well furnisht brest to bide eche chanses changing chear, In woe hath chearfull hope,
in weal hath warefull fear,
(15) One self Ioue winter makes with lothfull lokes appear, That can by course the same aslake. What if into mishap thy case now casten be? It forceth not such forme of luck to last to thee. Not alway bent is Phebus bow: his harpe and he, (20) Ceast siluer sound sometime doth raise. In hardest hap vse helpe of hardy hopefull hart. Seme bold to beare the brunt of fortune ouerthwart. Eke wisely when forewinde to full breathes on thy part, Swage swellyng saile, and doubt decayes.

The praise of a true
frende. +

W Ho so that wisely weyes the profite and the price, Of thinges wherin delight by worth is wont to rise.