Tottel sig. Bir

[sig. Bir]

Complaint of the louer disdained. +

I N Ciprus, springes (where as dame Uenus dwelt) +I Well so hotte is, that who tastes the same. Were he of stone, as thawed yse should melt, And kindeled finde his brest with fired flame. (5) Whose moist poyson dissolued hath my hart. With crepyng fire my colde lymsar supprest, Feeleth the hart that harborde freedome smart, Endlesse dispaire long thraldome hath imprest. An other well of frosen yse is founde, (10) Whose chilling venome of repugnant kindeThe feruent heat doth quenche of Cupides wounde: And with the spot of change infectes the minde: Whereof my dere hath tasted, to my paine. Wherby my seruice growes into disdaine.

Description and praise of his
loue Geraldine. +

F Rom Tuskane came my Ladies worthy race: +Faire Florence was sometime her auncient seate: The Western yle, whose pleasant shore doth face Wilde Cambers clifs, furst gaue her liuely heate: (5) Fostred she was with milke of Irishe brest: Her sire, an Earle: her dame, of princes blood. +From tender yeres, in Britain did she rest, With a kinges child, who tasteth ghostly food. +Honsdon did first present her to mine iyen: +(10) Bright is her hewe, and Geraldine she hight. Hampton me taught to wishe her first for mine: +And Windsor, alas, doth chase me from her sight. +Her beauty of kinde, her vertues from aboue. Happy is he, that can obtaine her loue. +

The frailtie and hurtfulnes
of beautie. +

B Rittle beautie, that nature made so fraile, Wherof the gift is small, and short the season,