Tottel sig. Biiiv

[sig. Biiiv]

To other leefe, but vnto me most dere. Eccho (alas) that doth my sorow rewe, (50) Returns therto a hollow sound of plaint. Thus I alone, where all my freedome grewe, In prison pyne, with bondage and restraint, And with remembrance of the greater griefe To banish the lesse, I finde my chief reliefe.

The louer comforteth himselfe
with the worthinesse of
his loue. +

W Hen raging loue with extreme payne +Most cruelly distrains my hart: When that my teares, as floods of rayne, Beare witnes of my wofull smart: (5) When sighes haue wasted so my breath, +That I lye at the point of death. I call to minde the nauie great, That the Grekes brought to Troye town: And how the boysteous windes did beate (10) Their ships, and rent their sayles adown, Till Agamemnons daughters + blood Appeasde the Gods, that them withstood. And how that in those ten yeres warre, Full many a bloodie dede was done, (15) And many a lord, that came full farre, There caught his bane (alas) to soone: And many a good knight ouerron, Before the Grekes had Helene won. Then thinck I thus: sithe such repaire, (20) So long time warre of valiant men, Was all to winne a lady faire: Shall I not learne to suffer then, And thinck my life well spent to be, Seruing a worthier wight than she? (25) Therfore I neuer will repent, But paines contented still endure. For like as when, rough winter spent, The pleasant spring straight draweth in vre: