Tottel sig. Bbiv

[sig. Bbiv]

For wordes oft many haue ben shent: For silence kept none hath repent. (15) Two eares, one tong onely thou hast, Mo thinges to heare then wordes to wast. A foole in no wise can forbeare: He hath two tonges and but one eare. Be sure thou kepe a stedfast braine, (20) Lest that thy wordes put thee to paine. Words wisely set are worth much gold: The price of rashnesse is sone told. If time require wordes to be had, To hold thy peace I count thee mad. (25) Talke onely of nedefull verities: Striue not for trifling fantasies. With sobernesse the truth poult out, Affirme nothing wherin is dout. Who to this lore will take good hede, (30) And spend no mo words then he nede, Though he be a fole and haue no braine, Yet shall he a name of wisdome gaine Speake while time is or hold thee still. Words out of time do oft things spyll. (35) Say well and do well are thinges twaine, Twise blest is he in whom both raigne.

The complaint of a hot woer,
delayed with doutfull
cold answers. +

A Kinde of coale is as men say, Which haue assaied the same: That in the fire will wast away, And outward cast no flame. +(5) Unto my self may I compare, These coales that so consume: Where nought is sene though men do stare, In stede of flame but fume. They say also to make them burne; (10) Cold water must be cast: Or els to ashes will they turne,