Tottel sig. Bbir

[sig. Bbir]

Thy hand (O Lord) of might is full, Awake betime, and helpe vs send. (65) In thee we trust, and in no wight: Saue vs as chickens vnder the hen. +Our crokednesse thou canst make right, Glory to thee for aye. Amen.

The wise trade of
lyfe. +

D O all your dedes by good aduise, Cast in your minde alwaies the end. Wit bought is of to dere a price. +The tried, trust, and take as frend, +(5) For frendes I finde there be but two: Of countenance, and of effect. Of thone sort there are inow: But few ben of the tother sect. Beware also the venym swete (10) Of crafty wordes and flattery. For to deceiue they be most mete, That best can play hypocrisy. Let wisdome rule your dede and thought: So shall your workes be wisely wrought.

That few wordes shew wisdome,
and work much quiet. +

W Ho list to lead a quiet life, +Who list to rid him self from strife: Geue eare to me, marke what I say, Remember wel, beare it away. (5) Holde backe thy tong at meat and meale, Speake but few wordes, bestrow them well. By wordes the wise thou shalt espye, By wordes a foole sone shalt thou trye. A wise man can his tong make cease, (10) A foole can neuer holde his peace, Who loueth rest of wordes beware. Who loueth wordes, is sure of care.