Tottel sig. Bbiiv

[sig. Bbiiv]

(10) That argues present force of fire to make the metall soft, To yelde vnto the hammer hed, as best the workman likes. That thiron glowyng after blast in time and temper strikes. Wherin the vse of water is, as you do seme to say, To quenche no flame, ne hinde. heat, ne yet to wast away: (15) But, that which better is for you, and more deliteth me, To saue you from the sodain waste, vaine cinderlike to be. Which lastyng better likes in loue, as you your semble ply. Then doth the bauen blase, + that flames and fleteth by and by. Sith then you know eche vse, wherin your coale may be applide: (20) Either to lie and last on hoord, in open ayre to bide, withouten vse to gather fat by fallyng of the raines, +That makes the pitchy iucye to grow, by sokyng in his veines, Or lye on fornace in the forge, as is his vse of right, Wherin the water trough may serue, and enteryeld her might (25) By worke of smithes both hand and hed a cūnyng key to make, Or other pece as cause shall craue and bid him vndertake: Do as you deme most fit to do, and wherupon may grow, Such ioy to you, as I may ioy your ioyfull case to know.

An epitaph made by. w. G. lying on
his death bed, to be set vpon
his owne tombe. +

L O here lieth G. vnder the ground Among the gredy wormes, Which in his life time neuer found But strife and sturdy stormes. (5) And namely through a wicked wife, As to the world apperes: She was the shortnyng of his life By many dayes and yeres. He might haue liued long, god wot: (10) His yeres, they were but yong: Of wicked wiues this is the lot, To kill with spitefull tong. Whose memory shall still remayne In writing here with me, (15) That men may know whom she hath slayne, And say this same is she.