Tottel sig. Bbiiiiv

[sig. Bbiiiiv]

Beleuyng that her bolstred name Had stuffe to shew that praise did hight. +(5) I finde well now I did mistake, Upon report my ground to make. I heard it said such one was she, As rare to finde as parragon, Of lowly chere, of hart so free, (10) As her for bounty could passe none. Such one were fair though forme and face, Were meane to passe in second place, I sought it neare, and thinkyng to finde Report and dede both to agree: (15) But chaunge had tried her suttle minde: Of force I was enforced to see, That she in dede was nothing so: Which made my will my hart forgo. For she is such, as geason none. (20) And what she most may boast to be: I finde her matches mo then one. What nede she so to deale with me? Masteryng face, with scornefull hart, So yll reward for good desert. (25) I will repent that I haue done, To ende so well the losse is small: I lost her loue, that lesse hath won. To vaunt she had me as her thrall. What though a gillot sent that note, (30) By cocke and pye + I meant it not.

The answere. +

W Hom fansy forced first to loue. Now frensy forceth for to hate: whose minde erst madnesse gan to moue, Inconstance causeth to abate. (5) No minde of meane, + dut heat of braine. Bred light loue: like heate, hate againe What hurld your hart in so great heat? Fansy forced by fayned same. Belike that she was light to get, +(10) For if that vertue and good name