Tottel sig. Aiir

[sig. Aiir]

Descripcion of the restlesse state
of a louer, with sute to his
ladie, to rue on his di-
yng hart. +

T He sunne hath twise brought furth his tender grene, Twise clad the earth in liuely lustinesse: Ones haue the windes the trees despoiled clene, +And ones again begins their cruelnesse, (5) Sins I haue hid vnder my brest the harm, That neuer shal recouer healthfulnesse. The winters hurt recouers with the warm: The parched grene restored is with shade. What warmth (alas) may serue for to disarm (10) The frosen hart, that mine in flame hath made? +What cold againe is able to restore My fresh grene yeres, that wither thus and fade? Alas, I see nothing hath hurt so sore, But time in time reduceth a returne: (15) In time my harm encreaseth more and more, And semes to haue my cure alwaies in scorne. Strange kindes of death, in life that I do trie: At hand to melt, farre of in flame to burne. +And like as time list to my cure apply, (20) So doth eche place my comfort cleane refuse. Al thing aliue, that seeth the heauens with eye, With cloke of night may couer, and excuse It self from trauail of the daies vnrest, Saue I, alas, against all others vse, (25) That then stirre vp the tormentes of my brest, And curse eche sterre as causer of my fate: And when the sunne hath eke the dark opprest, And brought the day, it doth nothing abate The trauailes of mine endlesse smart and pain. (30) For then as one that hath the light in hate, +I wish for night, more couertly to plain, And me withdraw from euery haunted place, Lest by my chere my chaunce appere to plain: And in my minde I measure pace by pace, +