Tottel sig. Aiiiiv

[sig. Aiiiiv]

And saw in what estate I wery man was brought, By want of that they had at will, and I reiect at nought: Lord how I gan in wrath vnwisely me demeane. (30) I cursed loue and him defied: I thought to turne the streame, But when I well beheld he had me vnder awe, I asked mercy for my fault, that so transgrest his lawe. Thou blinded God, + (quod I) forgeue me this offence, Unwittingly I went about, to malice thy pretence. (35) Wherwith he gaue a beck, and thus me thought he swore, Thy sorowe ought suffice to purge thy fault, if it were more. The vertue of which sound mine hart did so reuiue, That I, me thought, was made as whole as any man aliue, But here I may perceiue mine errour all and some, (40) For that I thought that so it was: yet was it still vndone. And all that was no more but mine expressed minde, That faine would haue some good reliefe, of Cupide well assindeI turned home forthwith, and might perceue it well, That he agreued was right sore with me for my rebell. (45) My harmes haue euer since, encreased more and more, And I remaine without his help, vndone for euermore, A mirror let me be vnto ye louers all: Striue not with loue, for if ye do, it will ye thus befall.

Complaint of a louer
rebuked. +

L Oue, that liueth, and raigneth in my thought, That built his seat within my captiue brest, Clad in the armes, wherin with me he fought, Oft in my face he doth his banner rest. (5) She. that me taught to loue, and suffer payne, My doutfull hope, and eke my hot desire, with shamefast cloke to shadow and restraine, Her smiling grace conuerteth straight to yre. And coward loue then to the hart apace (10) Taketh his flight, wheras he lurkes and plainesHis purpose lost, and dare not shew his face. For my lordes gilt thus faultlesse bide I paines, Yet from my lorde shall not my foote
Swete is his death, that takes his end by loue. +