Tottel sig. Aaiv

[sig. Aaiv]

For I beleue and thinke it true, That he doth speake or say of you. And thus contented lo I stand, With that that hope beares me in hand: (275) That I am yours and shall so be, Which hope I kepe full sure in me. As he that all my comfort is, On you alone which are my blis. My pleasure chief which most I finde, (280) And euen the whole ioy of my minde. And shall so be vntill the death, Shall make me yeld vp life and breath. Thus good mine own, lo here my trust. Lo here my truth and seruice iust. (285) Lo in what case for you I stand. Lo how you haue me in your hand. And if you can requite a man, Requite me as you finde me than.

Of the troubled comon welth re-
stored to quiet by the mighty
power of god. +

T THe secret flame that made all Troy so hot, Long did it lurke within the wooden horse. The machine huge Troyans suspected not, The guiles of Grekes, nor of their hidden force: (5) Till in their beds their armed foes them met, And slew them there, and Troy on fire set. Then rose the rore of treason round about, And children could of treason call and cry. Wiues wroung their hands, the hole fired town through out, (10) when that they saw their husbands slam them by. And to the Gods and to the skies they shright, Uengeance to take for treason of that night. Then was the name of Simon spred and blowne, And wherunto his filed tale did tend. (15) The secret startes and metinges then were knowne, Of Troyan traitours tending to this end. And euery man could say as in that case: Treason in Anthenor and Eneas, +