Tottel sig. Aaiiv

[sig. Aaiiv]

As who should say, and are ye minded so? And thus to those, and whom you know I loue. Am I such one as none of you do know? Or know ye not that I sit here aboue, (65) And in my handes do hold your welth and wo, To raise you now, and now to ouerthrow? Then thinke that I, as I haue set you all, In places where your honours lay and fame: So now my selfe shall giue you eche your fall, (70) Where eche of you shall haue your worthy shame. And in their handes I will your fall shalbe, Whose fall in yours you sought so sore to see. Whose wisdome hye as he the same foresaw, So is it wrought, such lo his iustice is. (75) He is the Lord of man and of his law, Praise therfore now his mighty name in this, And make accompt that this our case doth stand: As Israell free, from wicked Pharaos hand. +

The louer to his loue: hauing for-
saken him, and betaken her
self to an other. +

T He bird that somtime built within my brest, And there as then chief succour did receiue: Hath now els where built her another nest, And of the old hath taken quite her leaue. (5) To you mine oste that harbour mine old guest, Of such a one, as I can now conceiue, Sith that in change her choise dorh chiefe consist, The hauke may check, that now comes fair to first.

The louer sheweth that in dis-
sembling his loue openly
he kepeth secret his
secret good will. +

N Ot like a God came Iupiter to woo, When he the faire Europa sought vnto.