Tottel sig. Aaiir

[sig. Aaiir]

But all to long such wisdome was in store, (20) To late came out the name of traytour than, When that their king + the aultar lay before Slain there alas, that worthy noble man. Ilium on flame, the matrons crying out, And all the stretes in streames of blood about. (25) But such was fate, or such was simple trust, That king and all should thus to ruine roon, For if our stories certein be and iust: There were that saw such mischief should be doon And warning gaue which compted were in sort, +(30) As sad deuines in matter but of sport. Such was the time and so in state it stoode, Troy trembled not so careles were the men. They brake the wals, they toke this hors for good, They demed Grekes gone, they thought al surety then. (35) When treason start & set the town on fire, And stroied Troians & gaue Grekes their desire. Like to our time, wherin hath broken out, The hidden harme that we suspected least. Wombed within our walles and realme about, (40) As Grekes in Troy were in the Grekish beast. Whose tempest great of harmes and of armes, We thought not on, till it did noyse our harmes. Then felt we well the piller of our welth, How sore it shoke, then saw we euen at hand, (45) Ruin how she rusht to confound our helth, Our realme and vs with force of mighty band. And then we heard how treason loud did rore: Mine is the rule, and raigne I will therefore. Of treason marke the nature and the kinde, (50) A face it beares of all humilitie. Truth is the cloke, and frendship of the minde, And depe it goes, and worketh secretly, Like to a mine that creepes so nye the wall, Till out breakes sulphure, and oreturneth all. (55) But he on hye that secretly beholdes The state of thinges: and times hath in his hand, And pluckes in plages, and them againe vnfoldes. And hath apointed realmes to fall and stand: He in the midst of all this sturre and rout, (60) Gan bend his browes, and moue him self about.